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Uppada is a small town on the shore of the Bay of Bengal, north of Kakinada. The style of sari it produces is very distinctive: silk with intricate silver embroidery throughout. There is also work done in cotton here, but the town’s renown is due to the quality of the silk output.

The system of production here is different from other villages in Andhra. While some weavers remain independent, many do piece work for the very high-end market. The looms, silk thread, all the materials of production are owned by merchants in Hyderabad. The work itself is done in Uppada. The saris themselves are not even available for purchase in the area of Uppada, but, rather, are sold in upscale stores in Hyderabad.

As a result of the intricacy of design, here the weavers might make up to two saris a month, in contrast with the 15 to 20 for weavers elsewhere.

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