How We Got Started

We are a textiles and handicrafts firm that serves to make contemporary the traditional skills, crafts and techniques that are ever abundant in a country as diverse as India. We combine the skills of different artisans with modern designs to create our products.

It is a humble tribute to the Handloom weavers making the Mangalgiri fabric in Andhra Pradesh that are steadily diminishing, the Mashroo weavers of Gujarat, the hand embroiders from West Bengal, the artisan from Bhubaneshwar working on intricate appliqué work, the OrissaIkat weavers and many more.

Our products are exclusive and are all developed in house, right from the designs to the styling to the prints. We have a large range of handloom fabrics with vibrant colours and lovely textures that we work with.

Through our work we aspire not only to manufacture garments that appeal to the contemporary customer but also maintain a slight essence of Indian tradition.